We are pleased to offer our two Theaters and Lounge for group rentals. Groups can choose to rent the large theater with stadium style seating, our cozier “Livin' room" Theater with leather couches and recliners, or the Lounge for small groups and intimate viewing.

Ask about our discounts for non profit organizations!

Download the rental form.

*THEATER RENTAL IS NOT CONFIRMED BY E-MAILNG THE FORM, YOU MUST HAVE VERBAL CONFIRMATION. Call the box office anytime during business hours (4:30-10:00 pm) for final confirmation of rental.

Our theaters for rent

Theater 1 – Seats 50
Rental Price: $175.00 / hr (11am-3:30pm)
$250.00 / hr (4pm-12am)
Screen Details:133″ screen, Surround Sound, Hi Definition Projection
Please note that with becoming a First Run Theater, studios may not allow rentals during newly released film showings.
You are more than welcome to call or email us for more details. 

Theater 2 – Seats 17
Rental Price: $125.00 / hr (11am-3:30pm)
$175.00 / hr (4pm-12am)
Screen Details:120″ screen, Surround Sound, Hi Definition Projection

VIP Lounge – Seats 11
Rental Price: $70.00 / hr (11am-3:30pm)
$140 / hr (4pm-12am)
Screen Details: 110″ screen, 5.1 channel Surround Sound, Hi Definition flat screen television.

*Please understand one of our two restrooms is through the VIP Lounge and customers may need access during the rental. 

Rental FAQ - read before you rent!

Which movie can we watch?
You can bring any movie you want to see in either BluRay or Standard DVD format. Or you can also choose a movie from our library of films we’ve shown in the past.

My rental starts at XX:00, can I come early / tell my group to come early? 
NO. The time you specify as the start of your rental is the earliest time you may enter the theater. If you need time to set up for your guests/event or order your food or drinks, please include that time in your rental.

Is the food and bar available? 
Yes, our full food and beverage menu including appetizers and mains, vegetarian options, beer and wine selections, non-alcoholic beverages, candy and popcorn is available for all rentals.

If you know your party will be ordering from our food menu, please check out the menu online and be prepared to fill out an order sheet for each individual when you arrive.

To prevent order mix-ups, food & drinks may NOT be ordered in advance, only upon the start of your rental period in person.

Can I bring food/drinks to the rental? 
Since we provide concessions and a full menu, outside food is not allowed. The ONLY exception is celebratory cakes (birthday cake, cupcakes, etc.)

Gratuity / Cleaning Fee: 
When Day rates apply, groups 10 or more will be charged an automatic minimum 10% of rental charges, allowing gratuity for service and cleaning.

How much notice do I have to give? 
Two week notice prior to your rental date is required (we prefer three weeks if possible.) If you want to schedule a last minute rental call us to see if we can work something out. (Don’t wait till the last minute, we get booked up frequently.)

Cancellation Policy: 
If you need to cancel your rental you may do so a minimum of one week prior to the scheduled rental date and receive a refund as long as our regular movie schedule has not been modified to accommodate your rental. Our movie schedule is generally set 8 days in advance.

We hope these FAQs help you better understand what our theater is capable of. Unfortunately we are not set up to cater or host specialized events. That said, we would love for you to rent our facility and enjoy the many amenities we do have available such as beer, wine and our snacks!